Introducing our ‘Key Employee Earnings Protection’ package (KEEP):

Select & Protect Your Key Employees

KEEP is a tax deductible package for employers who wish to reward, retain or recruit their key employees. KEEP is exclusive to Acorn and comprises of two top-of-the-range plans: Group Income Replacement Plan (Wiltshire Friendly Society) and Relevant Life Cover (Liverpool Victoria).

The employer chooses just 3 or more key employees – and Acorn does the rest. We will implement KEEP FREE of charge (as we are paid a commission by the insurers).

See below for more information, or contact us on (01386) 552596 for a FREE consultation.

1) Group Income Cover

  • Top-of-the-range cover from Wiltshire Friendly Society.
  • Income replacement for an employee when off work for more than the 4 week deferred period due to sickness/accident.
  • This income cover is for a group of just 3 (or more) employees. The employer chooses the members. The 'free cover limit' results in most cases not needing a health teleinterview.
  • Employers pay the premium and can tailor KEEP to suit their needs. The premiums are tax deductible.
  • Employer chooses a benefit period between 6-24 months and cover of 50%-75% of earnings (this includes dividends for working directors).
  • The benefit is payable by the insurance company to the employer and can include the employer's National Insurance and pension contributions.
  • Benefit paid out to employee as regular income, weekly or bi-weekly. Multiple claims can be made.
  • Reputable insurance provider - 96.5% of claims were paid out in 2016.
  • Free back-to-work recovery support - a team of health professionals assess and support the employee's recovery and return to work - so the employer doesn't have to.
  • The employer can offer KEEP as a perk to one group of employees, and/or at a low cost to another.
  • Not treated as a benefit in kind.

+ 2) Relevant Life Cover

  • Top-of-the-range cover from Liverpool Victoria.
  • Individual term life assurance in trust - life cover on death payable to the employee's nominated beneficiaries.
  • The premiums are paid by the employer and are tax deductible.
  • E.g. 4 x salary until state retirement age.
  • Fast pay out, is tax-free and avoids the long process of probate. Also protected from Inheritance Tax.
  • The policy is index-linked (using the Retail Prices Index). This means it is protected from inflation and will keep its value over time.
  • The Life Cover premium will only increase in line with inflation (again, using the Retail Prices Index).
  • The policy is easily transferable to another employer, or can be paid for individually, should an employee ever leave the company.
  • Not treated as a benefit in kind.
  • Not treated as part of the Lifetime Pension Allowance (£1 million 2017/18).